Wet cupping therapy (WCT) “Turks say hacamat as well as other persian name is hijamat” is a straightforward and economic treatment that still needs scientific interpretation. It treated
effectively diseases with assorted etiologies and pathogeneses e.g. rheumatism (RA), hypertension, migraine,- Hacamat
carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), fibromyalgia, cellulitis among others. Here, we review medical and scientific bases
underlying cupping therapy and introduce Taibah theory like a novel evidence-based scientific mechanism to explain
it. Briefly, in Taibah theory, WCT can be a minor surgical excretory procedure related scientifically towards the principles of
renal glomerular filtration and abscess evacuation, the place where a pressure-dependent excretion of causative pathological
substances (CPS) occurs. CPS include disease-causing substances and disease-related substances (that result
during disease pathogenesis). Negative pressure put on skin surface causes local assortment of filtered and
interstitial fluids containing CPS at skin upliftings inside cups. Scarifying skin upliftings accompanied by cupping causes
a pressure gradient and a traction force across the skin and capillaries to excrete collected fluids with CPS and
cause bleeding at puncture sites. This increases filtration at both capillary ends and results in clearance of blood and
interstitial spaces from CPS. WCT gains advantage from the suction pressure, phenomenon of reactive hyperemia, n . o .
production and skin scarifications (openings in skin barrier) in enhancing natural excretory skin functions, improving
lymphatic and capillary circulations and restoring homeostasis. Reported CPS of RA include autoantibodies, immune
complexes, soluble interleukin-2 receptors, inflammatory mediators, certain cytokines, prostaglandins, toxic cellular
products and rheumatoid factor, while CPS of CTS include malondialdehyde, interleukin 6, prostaglandin PGE- 2
and progressive edema (causing pain). WCT-induced filtration pressure may excrete those CPS in cupped blood.
Prophetic medicine (linked to Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him) recommends WCT: �The best among
what you use in therapy is Al-hijamah (prophetic way of WCT / hacamat tedavisi)�. In conclusion, WCT has scientific bases in
treating different diseases is the only treatment that clears blood and interstitial fluid from CPS.Therapeutic- Hacamat
benefits of WCT is related to the amount of excreted CPS not the volume of letted blood.